Come Fly With Me

So I went back to work on July 1st as previously stated in my last post! My last trip was a 3 day that went from April 3rd to April 5th & at that given time masks were still not mandatory & shit was only starting to hit the fan. The month of March was kinda crazy – I experienced a side of people that was beyond anything I could imagine with the pandemic happening. We also went from full flights to carrying loads of 6 people on aircrafts built for nearly 200. It was NUTS! When April rolled around, I completed my one trip listed above before my airline wiped my schedule clean – all of the destinations I was originally supposed to be flying to that month? We were no longer servicing for the time being. Pretty much everyone got put on what’s called “TAJ” (see note at the end of this blog but ONE day I’m going to write a post describing my job a bit & including some terminology so ya’ll won’t be lost and bored when reading my posts) and the whole month went by with no flights. Mid-April, we were given the option of taking VTO (voluntary time off) for May – I immediately bid for my VTO slot. And I got it! Look y’all, I am downright obsessed with my job – it’s the freakin’ best, BUT I also have a very sick 85 year old grandmother, older aunts and uncles, my dad is a heavy smoker, and my boyfriend can NOT afford an extra hospital visit so it was definitely in my best interest to just take a backseat for a little bit. Not to mention, the last few trips I HAD worked had been hard on me so I thought it might be best for a mental break as well. When my company offered VTO slots for June, I wasn’t planning on taking it again until ,like, right before bidding I received messages from 4 of my friends saying they were taking it so I just panic bid “VTO” again & got it for June as well. It was okay though, I really enjoyed my time off – Clinton & I decorated our apartment properly, we celebrated his birthday with go-karting & dinner at the Melting Pot, I scrapbooked, I cooked & baked, we spent Easter at his sister’s & got to see his niece and nephew, we visited my mom in Kentucky (road trip), & my cousins in Nashville (previous post) and we just soaked up all our time together. Oh my goodness & I SLEPT! I slept ALL the time! It wasn’t half bad really considering for the past 3 years of my life I have not stopped moving! I have ,literally, been in fast forward since 2017. People (my family, co-workers, friends) point out to me all the time how I’m always on the go and it’s true – even when I’ve taken big trips (Germany, Italy, etc) I’ve not just hung out & relaxed on them. So for me to be able to just say fuck it & wake up at 11 AM? Okay fine! To NOT wear makeup daily?! Lord. I probably wore makeup 3x in those 3 months. It was awesome.

Okay so catching up, now it’s July. Masks are mandatory & flights are full again! I was as anxious for my first flight back as I would be if it were the first day of school. I am chasing this month (another term for a later post) which made me quite a bit calmer & my first trip was pretty easy ::

July 1 – I would deadhead to Minneapolis (this is an easy one – deadheading is riding as a passenger instead of working the flight but I’m in uniform & fully prepared if I’m needed – we like deadheading) then I would have a 3 hour and 50 minute sit (basically hangout in the airport) then I would work a flight to Las Vegas where I would then have a 27 hour long layover (exactly how it sounds – my airline has booked us a hotel & I will be in Vegas to do as I wish *responsibly* for 27 hours)

My friend Lindsey & her 2 adorable nieces were on my deadhead flight to Minneapolis & since I had such a long sit at the airport I walked with them to baggage claim & outside to meet up with her dad who was picking them up. It’s always a good time when I get to be with Lindsey! We had actually just had lunch together in Orlando a few days before this because she had an Orlando layover & I was still off work. Once Lindsey & the girls left with her dad I went back through KCM (Known Crew Member – the security line that crew goes through) & decided to walk around MSP (Minneapolis airport code) to see what was still open and how I could kill this 3 hour sit. As always, I went to Starbucks. Then a random gift shop. Then I just talked to Clinton for a little bit before it was time to get on our next aircraft and head off for Vegas!

Y’alllllll I LOVE Vegas. It is one of my top 5 American cities (top 5 listed below for those curious) & I’m never at a loss for things to do there! However, this time things were different. We got in at 5:30 PM and weren’t leaving until late the next day. I had trouble with my hotel room door and that postponed me leaving for the evening because instead of swapping my room? They sent a technician to my room to change out my entire key card swipe! Once I finally got to venture out I went to the strip to shop at the Miracle Mile shops in Planet Hollywood & just pop into some of my favorite resorts – okay, here’s where things are different – the Strip was empty. Of course masks are now mandatory, every other table game & slot machine in the casinos are blocked off/turned off/or have the seats taken away for social distancing, there’s stickers, signs, & banners EVERYWHERE saying to stay 6 ft apart, a lot of shops that I love are still closed, the pool was still closed at one of the resorts that I love & was looking forward to going to, and a lot of restaurants were still closed. I was walking to In-n-Out & 2 guards stopped me (mind you, I am still outside walking down the street & will be outside for a while before reaching In-n-Out) & they told me to put my mask back on. I couldn’t believe it! I was in the wide open outside! So apparently there are some areas in Vegas that you must wear your mask even if you’re outside. Also, there was hardly ANY vehicular traffic outside & an abnormally small amount of foot traffic. While I’m not an asshole who is going to pout about all this, I was still kinda sad to see it like that! It makes me sad for how life is going to be from now on – all of these wonderful places that exist out in the world will now be marred by new policies and protocols and that’s fine for the sake of safety but it’s okay to sorta mourn that idea too I think. I couldn’t imagine going some place as fabulous as ,say, New York City for the first time during this pandemic & not getting the true MAGIC of New York. I truly hope one day life isn’t how it is now.

However, I got to gamble a little bit (fun fact about me – I win big 90% of the times I play. I’ve won in Vegas, Atlantic City, & Baltimore) & spoiler alert – despite my fun fact there, I did NOT win this time. I’m blaming the fact that every other machine was disabled! I also went to the Flamingo to at least see the Flamingoes & all the fish & birds in their little hangout by the pool. Overall, it was a nice, relaxing, & LONG layover! Just how I like ’em!

July 2nd – so technically, I’ve covered some things I did on this day out & about in Vegas! But it was also day 2 of my 4 day trip. I went back to my hotel & took a nap for tonight’s flying because that night was our “funky night” – we would be leaving Vegas to fly to Portland, Oregon. Once we got to Portland, we would then have a 6 hour sit – anything over a 5 hour sit requires the company to reserve you a hotel room so you can nap. shower, eat, etc. I had already gotten my hotel/day room reservation in my email & was ready as I had never been to Portland before (almost 3 years in with my job & there’s quite a few destinations I haven’t got to go to yet!) – we got in at midnight, the hotel was close by, & the shuttle was already there waiting on us. We get to the hotel & scatter to our rooms (I was in a crew of 3 guys & me) and while I did not intend on a nap, I took a 2 hour long nap & man…it was hard waking up from that! At 4:15 AM, we were taking the shuttle back to the airport so we could work our 2nd leg of the trip – Portland back to Las Vegas. This time for a 13 hour layover in which I did nothing at all aside from order breakfast and go to sleep!

July 3rd – once again, technically I’m already on July 3rd above still being in Vegas. We were leaving at 11 PM PST to work a red eye flight back home to Orlando. We would get in at 6:30 AM EST on July 4th.

I kept this trip specifically for 2 reasons – the 27 hours in Vegas & the fact that I got home early on the 4th of July so I could rest up & spend the holiday with Clinton. Otherwise, I may would have considered dropping this trip for something else – although it wasn’t hard, I don’t care for redeyes and that 6 hour sit in Portland was rough even if we DID nap. It was so nice to be back in the skies though & while I was super anxious that I might be a little rusty, I got right back into the swing of things honey & just did the damn thing. When I got home, Clinton let me sleep late & then we drove (+Emma) down to Davenport for their fireworks show as most of Orlando’s had canceled. We had a really lovely time & it was nice to be out doing something different!

Weirdly enough, I am once again off for a while (I usually bid my schedules to have long blocks of time off in the middle so we can travel OR I’ll pick up work trips if I feel like makin’ some extra money) and won’t be working another trip til the 17th. Ya know, I had to break myself in easy! But it’s okay because at least I’m back in the game! While things have definitely changed, I feel so much more normal just knowing that I’m working again.

**I don’t know who reads this or if anyone reads this at all, but I have grown to learn that the thing I get asked most about if my job and travel. So many girls (and the occasional guy) has asked me what it’s like being a flight attendant, how they can become a flight attendant, etc. The next most requested is “can you give me suggestions on what to do in ________? & where to eat in _______?” so I was thinking maybe that can be a thing I cover in upcoming posts? Cover how to get a job like mine & what it’s really like and also maybe pick a city & do a mini travel guide for it? Ya know what, I’ll work on it. Let me know what you think!

***Top 5 Favorite American Cities as I said I would post above –
1) New York City. Always and forever.
2) Las Vegas
3) New Orleans
4) Nashville
5) Washington DC

As always, it’s been a pleasure.

– Autumn

4 thoughts on “Come Fly With Me

  1. Autumn, I was surprised on your top 5. NYC is a no brainer. Washington DC threw me for a loop. No LA? Shocking! 🥰


    • NYC is top on my bucket list! Me & my brother planned to go this year at Christmas, but it’s been postponed 😦
      I WILL get to NYC one day though!!


      • Amie girl we will get you to NYC one day come hell or high water! I’m tagging along and dragging you to some good spots!


  2. I know, I know my tastes have changed up a bit but I’d say Los Angeles is a solid #6 and Chicago has fallen to #7 and you KNOW how I used to feel about Chicago!!


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