Been A Long Time…

I quit writing again. Shocker, I know.

Life happens. I’ll cover everything from the time gap one day – but today? Well, I have some news I’d like to share…

Clinton & I are engaged!

YES, two people who claimed they’d never get married again are ,indeed, getting married! When we first met (2017), there were 2 things put out there immediately – we’re not in this thing for another marriage & kids are a no-go. Kids are still a no-go with us, but after he got hurt in 2019 & we worked on our relationship, he had brought up the idea of marriage to me and I had begun getting onboard with that idea. However, we were in no real shape for a wedding or marriage while he was still recovering. Life needed to be much more stable before we could fully consider it & we truly did enjoy our relationship just the way it was. I have never felt the need to rush things or be the nagging girlfriend who always has to hint at getting a ring on her finger.

So…with that being said, I’ve returned to the blog to address some questions –

1) Do you have a date picked yet?
The answer to this is a big ol’ nope. Sorry. I just got engaged 3 days ago & it baffles me that ANYONE could make such choices about their wedding in 3 days! Insanity! I am not the girl to talk to if you’re looking for some starry eyed chick who’s knee deep in invitations and cake samples. Okay, actually the cake sample thing could definitely be me.

2) How’d he propose?
We went to Savannah, GA this weekend! I’m on vacation & because we have other news in the making right now (will announce second round of news at the end of the month) we didn’t want to stray too far from home. Savannah is about 4 hours from us so we decided on just going there. On day 2 of our trip, we went to the gorgeous Forsyth Park – you know, all the beautiful trees with the drapey air moss? With the gorgeous fountain in the middle of the park? Yeah. There. Iconic Savannah. We strolled the park and then when we made it to the fountain, I approached a couple & asked if they wouldn’t mind taking our photo – when the girl took my phone, Clinton told her to take a video because he’s “about to ask this beautiful woman to marry him” and then he knelt down and proposed with the most beautiful ring. She did take a video! And I’ll NEVER share it because I’m truly embarrassing because I said “yes!” and then grabbed the ring and put it on my own finger. Congrats to me, I’m marrying myself apparently. After I realized what I had done though – we went off to a private spot in the park & I had him slip the ring on my finger properly. I should clarify – I was nervous because I don’t like attention or people looking at me so I think it was a knee jerk reaction but it was still perfect. The most beautiful setting I could imagine! A man playing the trumpet in the park even let out a burst of “Here Comes the Bride” but alas, it wasn’t for me! There was a bridal photoshoot happening in the park & he did it for the bride. I got a kick out of it though!

3) Did you suspect he was going to ask?
YES! I even knew there was a ring in our apartment for weeks! Why you may ask? My mom & step dad came for a visit and he took them separately into our room to show them something I was not allowed to see. One day he was going through some of his stuff & had to actually stop himself from blurting out to me “wanna see it?” and then he TOLD me about almost blurting that out. OH, and let’s not forget him insisting that I get my nails done before our Savannah trip and “make them do them perfect! I’m serious Autumn if they’re not perfect for you then make them re-do them. They have to be everything you want!” as well as “on the day we go Forsyth Park…dress up. You know, in case we take pictures or something” Soooo…I’d have to be a total idiot not to have seen that coming!!

Other notables –
– He got my dad AND my mom’s blessings which I loved! He actually called my dad (who had a mild Covid scare at the time & wasn’t taking visitors) and since he’s literally never done that before, my dad panicked and assumed he was calling him to tell him horrible news. His exact words (or so I’ve heard) were “Clinton dammit, you scared the shit out of me” which is just so incredibly Barry (my dad)

– As thrilled as we are & how much we love each other, I debated not sharing our news. Why? Because we’ve both been married before & I was afraid it would be tacky. Because I KNOW how people think…”maybe this one will stick!” or something along those lines. Instead we got a lot of “it’s about time!”‘s which also baffles me! We’ve been together just a touch over 3 years & ya’ll, I don’t rush into anything! As I stated before – we loved our relationship as it was & I don’t think it would’ve bothered either of us to keep on truckin’ in that manner! Ya’ll really out here marrying people up that fast?! Wow. That explains a lot! But seriously, the wave of love and support has been amazing! I feel less self conscious. I tend to not really get self conscious about my life choices because I know how I enter into things & I have faith in myself that I know what I am doing in this life and this self consciousness I was feeling had nothing to do with myself or Clinton but that some jealous or bitter asshole would crash our happiness.

– It shall be noted here that I don’t know shit about planning a wedding. So I’m gonna need some help. Please and thank you.

Alright folks! That’s it for now. We have been so excited and living an absolute dream this month! We can’t wait to share our next round of news with everyone – be on the lookout for that!

– Autumn

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