MmmBop Round 2

Picture it – tax season, 2017. My cousin Sara and I decide we are going to drop a small fortune on concert tickets…Hanson tickets, specifically. Remember them? From the 90s? Little guys who kinda looked like little girls? Honey, the grip Zac Hanson had on me as a 9 year old. I was obsessed. I remember in the 5th grade when Titanic first came out, one of my best friends told me she’d got to see it & how she believed Leonardo DiCaprio was actually cuter than Zac Hanson to which I remember saying “excuse me bitch but what did you just say to me?” – okay not really, but that’s how I felt inside. I actually just Googled old Bop magazine covers for this blog & I’m mortified. How on God’s green earth was I ever a Zac girl? Clearly Taylor was the real dime. Still is & that’s all’s I’m sayin’ 

*Leo also had his moment with me up till…present day. 

Anyways, 2017. 

They’re coming to Nashville on September 15th, which happened to be my 30th birthday. My friend Jeri and I decided we’re going to fly up and make a whole trip of it & she would hang out while Sara and I went to the show. However, my airline had other plans for me ~ such as hiring me and putting me through an extensive training program with a projected graduation date of September 15th. Which was great! But as we were told right off the bat – if you have any vacations or need a day off during training, please withdraw yourself from the class & try again later. So I had to let my ticket go. My new job had to come first because I’ll be damned if I mess that up & end up having to stay at Bealls. I didn’t know till much later but Sara didn’t go either…without me, it was difficult finding another Hanson fan (a “fanson” if you will) to go with her and so she just stayed home. It was a bummer but it had to be that way.

But it’s fine…we just had to wait 5 years! Yes folks, on July 15th, Sara and I will try this thang again at the Ryman in Nashville. Tickets were way cheaper this go’round so I decided to surprise her by going ahead and buying them for us! There weren’t many left but I’d say we got decent enough seats. I couldn’t hold it in – I immediately messaged her and asked “whatcha doing on July 15th?” she didn’t answer so I sent a series of messages and a screenshot of my confirmation email and said “I know what you’re doing” “you’re coming to see Hanson with me” *screenshot* “I couldn’t wait” “I thought about surprising you for your birthday but I couldn’t wait that long”

I am so pumped! First things first – I get to be with one of my favorite humans & family members of all time. I have no siblings & Sara is probably the cousin I’m closest with besides my cousin’s oldest daughter, Jena. They’re my girls. My best childhood memories have Sara in them…and we’re still truckin’ along, creating more! Second, I’ve never been to the Ryman. Third, I owe this to Sara, yes, duh. But I also owe this to 9 year old Autumn. She deserves this. When I was a kid, we didn’t have a lot of money & something like a concert was pretty unheard of to me. I understand that a lot of concerts run pretty expensive so as a little girl, I guess I figured they were astronomical in price! As often as I can, I don’t deny myself of anything & I try to make up for things I may have missed out on during childhood. So if I want to go watch my guilty pleasure/childhood favorite band then dammit, I’m doing it! 4 years ago, I saw Britney Spears in Fort Lauderdale & I thought that was peak childhood. After Hanson, all I have left is Spice Girls (complete with Victoria Beckham or it doesn’t count) & I will have completed my elementary school trifecta of favorite artists.

As for Clinton, I told him a while back about the show and he responded with “Aw baby that’s fine but don’t invite me because I don’t want to go” – okay fine hater, I’ll go fan girl in peace, thankyouverymuch

– Autumn

One thought on “MmmBop Round 2

  1. I am so happy and glad you finally get to do this where as I’m not going to attend that’s ok just it will just amplify your experience by not listening to me complain 🤗


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