A Very Vegas Wedding *update #2*

Our wedding is in less than 2 months.

Can ya believe it?! I sure as hell can’t!

If you would’ve told me in 2017 that in 5 years I would be getting married again…I’d tell you that you were batshit crazy. 

I did not care to do this again, and while it’s no big secret that I didn’t want a “real” wedding, I’ve actually come around to enjoying putting it together! Oh now don’t get me wrong, I’m disgustingly stressed with certain aspects (the reception dinner) but I’m enjoying picking out bridal party gifts & my nails & stuff like that.

I have my hair stylist picked & a friend of mine is doing my makeup as a wedding gift. I have nearly all favors and gifts purchased. We have our rings sized, polished, & kept in our specially designed ring box. I found a restaurant to hold a reception dinner. I applied for our marriage license about 5 days ago.

We have decided to leave Emma at home…cue my tears. We had waited too long on booking our room so the prices for a pet friendly room shot up so high that I just couldn’t justify putting her through the stress of a flight & leaving her in the room 90% off the trip. It breaks my heart but I simply cannot fathom spending $300 extra dollars when this has already proved to be so expensive. 

Our bridal party has underwent some changes during the planning period. A bridesmaid dropped out, then the groomsmen she was to walk with decided to drop out. I figured as much with one of them so I had a couple people on standby & now Clinton’s awesome cousin Peggy will be joining us in the bridal party. The groomsman was a tad more difficult to replace but Clinton’s nephew Shane is stepping in. He’s pulling double duty with walking our rings down the aisle as well. It’s definitely a non-traditional mix going on up in the front but it’s ,literally, a 30 minute ceremony so I don’t care. We have no ill will towards the folks who dropped out because at least they had the respect and courtesy to tell us early so we could make proper adjustments. We get it, shit happens. We originally had a 5th groomsman who just ghosted Clinton about 6 months ago. Stopped responding to his texts, phone calls, etc. I can’t respect that.

We are not doing traditional bachelor/bachelorette parties but instead opting to venture off with our guys & our gals in Vegas for a fun night on the town the night before the wedding. The guys have talked about renting motorcycles & the girls are thinking Thunder Down Under (amongst other dick related spectacles). While Nashville reigns supreme for basic bitch bachelorette parties, Vegas is a close 2nd. Vegas has far more to do, I like it better, plus we’ll all already be there so it was a clear choice to just knock it all out together.

As time ticks on I’m so anxious. I have largely planned this on my own. What if I haven’t accomplished what I’ve set out to do? What if it turns out lame? I can’t have a lame wedding! So many things have already had to change and alter my vision for this day that I’m in a constant state of anxiety that this may suck 😂 if I didn’t absolutely need this next month and a half to continue planning & paying I’d say I wish it was here already so we can just get it over with!

Next week I’ll be making the final payment on the actual wedding itself along with submitting our final music choices & floral selections. I am freaking out! 

Please don’t be lame, please don’t be lame, please don’t be lame…

– Autumn

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