Saturdaze {Galentine’s Brunch}

I’ve been a busy little bee these last couple months & have been lapping it up on the weekends while I’m off! My Saturdays have been my favorite days lately so I thought, what a cute little blog series this could make?!

First up was Galentine’s.

Leslie Knope has taught me so many things in life

Valentine’s but for the gals! As I have stated in an older post…I love Valentine’s Day. Not even because I’m in a loving, healthy relationship – I loved it when I was single too. I love the aesthetic of it mostly with all the pink & hearts everywhere but I also love love man! It’s a beautiful thing to have love in your life. There’s always some grumpy bastard who is all “Well you should celebrate the love you have in your life every day not just on Valentine’s Day” dude just eat the pink sprinkle cupcake I made you & enjoy. Let me live.

“So about our glamour times thing…” – Karren

“Glamour time?” – me

“Glamourtines?” – Karren

“…………glamourtines?” – me

“Do you mean Galentine’s?” – Clinton

“THAT’S IT!!!” – Karren

Since I have no friends that aren’t flight attendants, this Galentine’s was for the Fly Girls. I originally had plans for us to go to a Mexican restaurant in Orlando that our friend Jade has been dying to go to but as some people couldn’t make it (our out of town Fly Girls) we just decided to keep it close to home & I chose a new-ish rooftop restaurant & bar called Avanu. They’ve been open about 6 months now I guess so just in case they were still busy I called & made a reservation 5 days in advance. We decided to partake in their weekend brunch in lieu of dinner. Avanu’s menu has a largely Asian influence on their dishes & personally, I know Karren & I were for sure looking forward to trying them out!

The gals in attendance were 5 of our usuals – me, Karren, Wendy, Sandy, & Jade. The night before I went out and bought goodie bag supplies, candy, & mini bottles of liquor that fit the Valentines color scheme (Kinky Pink, a new pink lemonade vodka called Pink Karen , & Fireball). I also bought a can of vanilla Whip Shots (Cardi B’s line of boozy whipped cream) to have a little fun with once we made it back that day. Wendy made cookies & put them in cute boxes with the best little cakes from Trader Joe’s and attached a cute flight attendant themed key chain on each box. Karren brought a bucket of the most decadent truffles ever! Sandy & Jade brought their presence & honestly, that’s all we needed!

Wendy did the boxes, I made the bags

Avanu was pretty good – most of us started with the bottomless mimosas (started with orange & switched to cranberry) while Wendy & Jade tried some of their specialty Bloody Mary’s. Karren & I split their “Volcano Shrimp” appetizer which is bacon wrapped shrimp that had been stuffed with crab rangoon filling & served with a Fireball glaze. Absolutely delicious! I had their steak tips & eggs for my entree – I enjoyed their steak tips (which were more like medallions) but I’m just not a big enough egg fan to order them again. I’m no restaurant critic by any means but from my one visit I’m giving them 3.5 stars. Their ambience & location is 5 stars though – located on a rooftop overlooking Flagler Ave -our town’s main street leading to the beach- it definitely fit the vibe.

Attempt 1

Attempt 2

Attempt 3 feat. my extra chin
Volcano Shrimp appetizer

We laughed, we gossiped, & some danced once they were a few mimosas deep then we ventured down the street to see Karren’s son at the restaurant he works at. We stood by the kitchen door & shouted for him until someone came out to tell us he wasn’t working that day so we all scooted over to the bar for one last drink instead.

Wendy drove me back to Karren’s, Clint picked me up from there (he didn’t even let me drive myself over there because he knows my group so well!), & I got to be the embarrassing mom at the doggie salon when we went to pick up Emma from her haircut & bath & I had to pretend I hadn’t spent the morning drinking mimosas and squirting boozy whipped cream into my mouth directly from the can.

First annual Flight Attendant Galentine’s was a hit! Next up for the Fly Girls is the Taste of Spring Wine & Food Festival at our local wine bar, the Crimson House. Karren & I did this event last year together & we absolutely loved it, I can’t wait to attend this year as well!

Next up on my Saturdaze posts – my Valentine date day with Clinton & his date day for me!

– Autumn

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