Well Shit, What’re Ya’ll Doin’?

Hey guys!

I’m assuming if you’re reading this then you clicked a link I shared on Facebook so you all already know me and there’s no real need to introduce myself.


On the off chance that you aren’t my mom, her friends, and maybe 2 people from my high school, I’d like to take this time to do a simple refresher.

First off, I’m Autumn. I’m 32, a flight attendant, a southern lady/Florida beach bum, happily taken, and obsessed with my dog (Emma Lou). I am also a lover of words. Writing is the only thing I am truly good at. Fun fact – I have had a blog nearly consistently since the MySpace days. They have all been terribly unsuccessful. Yet that doesn’t stop me! This domain was the last blog I had & I quit writing here in 2018. I was a reserve flight attendant who was busier than ever but did not really have the $150 to keep up the business plan I had purchased for the blog. Could I have dropped down to a cheaper plan? Of course I could have but I would have lost all of my custom features I had added on. I also just wasn’t feeling it. My content was of poor quality sometimes because I had a lot to say but not a lot of time to type out a proper post. I hope to change this all around.

Lots has changed since 2018 & I have missed having a space for my words! Quarantining especially has really brought that out in me – I have really needed a creative outlet! Turns out, Amazon is NOT that! Of course, I could have kept a nice journal or something but I usually just resort to jotting things down in the Notes app on my phone. Finally tonight, after my boyfriend & our dog went to bed, I crept into the living room with my long-neglected MacBook & clicked onto good ol’ WordPress. And ya’ll, I barely remember shit about blogging! My eyes were going crossed trying to figure things out! OH, and I should note – this time I did not purchase the business plan. Ya know…justincase.

If you’re a reader of the former “Me, You, & Emma-Lou” I’d like to say at this time – welcome back! I’m happy you are here & have taken even a mild interest or curiosity in my life & my writing! Gone are the days of posting about divorce and emotionally abusive partners or of getting my nipples pierced. Yes, first page & I’m already throwing nipples out there – I really wrote a whole page about that in 2017. It was titled “Bad Bitch” and contained lyrics from a rapper named Webbie. In my defense I was “finding myself” and embracing the “young, wild, & free” persona. I regret NOTHING. Nowadays though, you’ll find me talking more about travel, my job, my man, & our life in Orlando.

If you’re a new friend here, welcome! I’m happy to have you here as well! As a quick overview – I’m probably going to overshare things (see above), I’m definitely going to have a potty mouth (sorry not sorry), and I pretty much write exactly how I would say something to you in person. Please don’t let that scare you away.

I’m going to take this time to toot my own horn & post my first 5 star review –
“You should write again! Your blog is the only thing I have ever voluntarily read in my life from start to finish” – my boyfriend, folks. What a man.

Thanks for clicking guys! Let’s do this again sometime!

– Autumn